HouseDelight is a miniature lighting decoration for at home, a visualisation of house occupation with a life on its own. 

It is an eye-catcher from the beginning:

Three different houses of high-quality crystal glass with LED lighting. Each house is atractively illuminated following a build-in-clock, according to the habits of the virtual occupant.

The house occupant’s unique lighting profile is described by a vivid description of the occupant’s character and his/her way of living. The documentation pretends the character living inside the crystal house being real, the software of HouseDelight merely "brings the character out".

Over time, HouseDelight will attract attention each time you enter the room:

It’s all about his/her character, daily routine with variations which enhances fantasy and a surprise now and then….

HouseDelight can be connected to house automation, in that way HouseDelight is a friendly device to show the status of occupancy abroad. For example as to weather a friend or relative has returned safely home.

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Robert van Dijk